Fusion Power

Solar Panels

With the increasing demand for solar panel installations throughout the U.S., Penn Fusion Engineering developed in-house software that facilitates the handling of a high volume of photovoltaic design and analysis projects.


Structural Analysis

Adding solar panels to a roof adds load to the building in more ways than one. Penn Fusion Engineering are experts in analyzing residential and commercial roofs for this increased load.


PV Design

The design of a photovoltaic system is rapidly changing. Solar panels, and their associated equipment, are evolving at a pace that demands constant involvement. Penn Fusion Engineering has made the commitment to stay engaged and continue to advance the design process.


In House Software

Penn Fusion Engineering has developed specialized software to expedite the structural analysis and pv design of residential roof mounted solar panel systems. Software, designed and written by professional engineers, focuses on accuracy and efficiency to maintain quality workflow.

AHJ Collaborative

Keeping track of specific requirements of the thousands of AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) gets to be overwhelming. For example, the Town of He...

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Analyze a Residential Roof for Solar Panels

Penn Fusion Engineering has released a program to help our clients perform a cursory structural review of residential roof systems. A summary report c...

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PV Design Software

Our goal was to create an efficient way of producing design plans for residential PV systems. This system would have to be fast, accurate and include...

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