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Analyze Roof Screenshot

Structural Engineering

Analyze a Residential Roof for Solar Panels

Penn Fusion Engineering has released a program to help our clients perform a cursory structural review of residential roof systems. A summary report can be saved and incorporated into sales documents to add value to a proposal.

A couple of cool things: First, the design criteria (ground snow and wind speed) is automatically determined based on the address given. The principal of Penn Fusion Engineering was the first to convert the contours of the ASCE codes to digital format. This idea was reused for this application but completely rewritten to be more efficient.

The other cool thing, Penn Fusion Engineering offers a discount to our clients from the regular structural assessment fee when they use this program. Why? Because it saves us a few steps in the data entry process. We can offset our fee with the time saved.

Penn Fusion Engineering continues to innovate. If you feel that you would benefit from this program, register for an account and contact us for access.