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AHJ Collaborative Program

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AHJ Collaborative

Keeping track of specific requirements of the thousands of AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) gets to be overwhelming. For example, the Town of Hempstead, NY requires wet stamp plans and the Design Professional's Certificate of Compliance filled out. Meanwhile, the Village of Hempstead, NY requires color hard copies of plans. Keeping it all straight and organized is challenging. So, naturally we created a program to keep track of all these AHJs.

That would have been fine, but we figured if we were experiencing this, others were too. So instead of developing this just for ourselves, we would make it a group effort (hence the name AHJ Collaborative). It probably doesn't require much explanation but let's do it anyway: You don't need to be logged in or even have a membership (which is free by the way) to view the data. But, if you want to contribute, you'll have to register and log in. Select a state and AHJ to see what specifics they might require. If you have something to add, simply click on "Add Note" and write it in.

Best case scenario: Designers, developers, contractors, architects and engineers find this tool incredibly useful and use it on a daily basis. A statue eventually gets erected in my name and maybe a movie is made about the tool and its creator. Zac Efron plays me and wins an Academy award for the roll.

Worst case scenario: Nobody cares and we still have an incredibly useful program.