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Commercial Engineering

Restaurants, Apartment Buildings, Box Stores. Penn Fusion Engineering provides structural engineering support to the architects and builders engaged in commercial construction.



Air handlers, solar panels, drone landing pads? Whatever you're putting up on that commercial roof, Penn Fusion can provide guidance. Properly analyzing and detailing the supports will extend the life of the roof and save you money.


Existing Buildings

The reuse of an existing building will often require structural modifications. New door and window locations in masonry walls require lintels to be placed in a sequential manner. Floors may need to be analyzed for a change in loading. Penn Fusion can engineer the @*&# out of that.


New Construction

Commercial construction can take on many different materials. Penn Fusion Engineering's experience with multiple materials and framing systems will add value in the options for your next project.

Philadelphia/Philadelphia County

Philadelphia Structural Design Criteria Form

We wanted to make filling out the Philadelphia Structural Design Criteria form a little quicker. What we came up with was an online wizard that steps ...

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